High Quality Product

In compliance with quality, environmental and safety systems.

The Wagstaff Hot Top Airslip casting table we use is the foundation of an high-metallurgical-standard billets casting. 

Our billets satisfy the strictest dimensional standards in terms of roundness, straightness and cutting orthogonality.

We also guarantee the minimal area of reverse segregation, uniformity and small bead dimension and maximal percentage of alpha-phase transformation.

We guarantee the total absence of flaws on a net maximum length of 8 meters.



State-of-the-art equipment and efficient production processes

The equipment installed at the Fonderie Pandolfo cast-house represents the state of the art of melting, casting and homogenization technologies.

Our safe, reliable and efficient equipment together with the on-going training of our staff, allows us to produce such extrudable billets which can be compared to primary billets.

Metal is cleaned by a number of processes in sequence (melt cleaning, degasing and filtering) which ensure very high purity.



Fonderie Pandolfo is equipped with three casting tables and can produce more than 300 tonnes of billets per day in 7 different diameters: 152, 178, 203, 229, 254, 279, 305 mm.

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