Complete traceability of the material for each cast

The entire Fonderie Pandolfo’s process was developed to obtain and meet the best quality standard on the market and the specifications of our customers.


From melting to packing, several sequential controls are planned in order to prevent or sort out any non-conformity.


In addition to the standard spectrometer checks on the melt and cast, checks are also performed on the quantities of hydrogen; a 100% control is also provided for by an ultrasound system to identify any possible cracks or internal or surface flaws and pre- and post-homogenization visual checks are also made in addition to a geometrical control during cutting.


Thanks to modern computer systems the main process variables, from the melting to the storage, are always monitored and recorded to guarantee the quality level reproduction.


Each cast, after passing all the tests, is stamped and labelled allowing for complete traceability of the raw material charged into the furnace. Additionally, a sample is kept for one year for possible additional controls.

Ultrasound, cutting, homogenization and labelling

After casting, each billet is subject to ultrasound testing of length and cross-section, to check its integrity.

Then, the head and bottom of the billet are cut and a sample is taken to analyse it and guarantee the quality of the specific cast.


The billet is transferred to the continuous homogenizing furnace for heat treatment to improve its workability.


Each billet is stamped with a label identifying its origin, cast, progressive number and type of alloy.

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